Group Classes

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Puppy SuperStart Program

For puppies 10 weeks to 5 months old

Give your puppy a SuperStart in life with this comprehensive class designed to cover the most important aspects of raising and training a well adjusted, sociable dog.

Class curriculum includes:

  • Socialization with a variety of people, puppies and unfamiliar obstacles
  • Introduction to Sit, Down, Come, Leave-it and more
  • Basic body handling to familiarize your puppy with having nail trims, being groomed and examined by the vet
  • Discussions on preventing and eliminating basic problem behaviours such as jumping up, nipping and barking

Mind Your Manners

For dogs and puppies 5 months and older

This class teaches the most important commands your dog needs to know to be a well mannered canine citizen. It is perfect for beginners of any age and also to build on foundation skills your dog already has.

Class curriculum includes:

  • Leash manners
  • Sit, Down, Come, Stay, and Leave-it
  • Go to Your Mat
  • Settle
  • Responding to commands when distractions are present
  • Discussions on prevention and elimination of some basic problem behaviours

Total Recall

For dogs of any age

You’re going to have a ton of fun with your dog as you teach them to turn on a dime while you when you call them to come. You get out what you put in to this class, so spending a few minutes each day working with your dog is essential to making progress. Bring your running shoes! 

Class curriculum includes:

  • Building a solid understanding of the come command
  • Learning to come away from and past a variety of environmental distractions, even when your dog is a hundred or more feet away from you
  • Learning to come when called despite distractions like getting treats from a friendly stranger
  • By the end of the program, your dog will be able to come running to you through a crowd of dogs and people when you call them!

Training On The Trail

For dogs and puppies over 6 months of age

This class takes the skills you and your dog learned in Mind Your Manners and practices them in a real world setting.

Class curriculum includes:

  • Establishing solid verbal control of come, leave-it, let’s go, sit and stay
  • Working towards off leash freedom
  • Reinforcing leash manners and introducing off leash walking
  • Teaching your dog how to sit or lie down at a distance from you on the trail for additional off leash control
  • Practicing trail etiquette and appropriate behaviour around other dogs, people and horses encountered on the trail

Fun With Tricks

For dogs and puppies of any age

This class will show you just how smart your dog really is! You’ll learn how to use effective timing and rewards to make teaching your dog each trick simple, successful and a lot of fun for both of you. All classes are taught by our Certified Trick Dog Instructor, April.

Class curriculum includes:

  • Weave through your legs
  • Belly Crawl
  • Walk Backwards
  • Wave “Hello” or “Goodbye”
  • Play Dead
  • Plus many more

The Anti Social Club

This is a class for dogs who are aggressive or reactive towards other dogs. The Anti Social Club is truly the only club in town you want to lose your membership to!

Class curriculum includes:

  • Teaching your dog to relax and feel comfortable around other dogs
  • What to do in tricky situations, like when off leash dogs approach unexpectedly
  • Stress management techniques to help you stay calm
  • Learning how to clearly read and understand your dogs body cues and use them as a guide in your training, including being able to anticipate reactions before they happen
  • Providing a supportive environment to promote confidence in both you and your dog

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