Darcie Jennings

Founder, Head Trainer & Problem Behaviour Specialist

Darcie originally went to school to become a veterinarian but detoured into training dogs professionally in 1999 where she learned that this was what she was meant to do. More than 24 years and many thousands of dogs trained later, she’s even more passionate about helping dogs and people live their best lives together today than she was back when she started.

In addition to the many courses she’s taken on dog behaviour and training over the years, Darcie also has a very diverse background working with dogs in a variety of different venues. This includes working as a veterinary technician in two local hospitals, teaching and competing in agility, working in a pet supply store, grooming and conformation handling.

Darcie has also consulted with, provided policy guidance, assessment criteria and behaviour consulting for many rescue organizations and shelters and even created an in-office dog policy for a local law firm. She also sat on the board of directors for a local rescue for many years and continues to be active in the local rescue community.

Her training has been featured on the local news, including A-Channels Breakfast Television, and has won several awards, including Thoroughly Reviewed’s Top 50 Dog Blogger and Illumiseen’s Pet Lovers Dog Trainer Award in 2018.

What Darcie loves most about helping her clients is seeing the confidence they gain from knowing how to understand and communicate with their dogs and the more enriched lives they lead together as a result.