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In January of 2012, Darcie took in one handful of a foster puppy. Cricket’s zest for life combined with how many times she had been returned to the rescue inspired Darcie to make her a training project. Thus, The Puppy Project was born and Darcie created some simple video tutorials documenting their journey together and offering guidance on raising a well mannered, easy to live with puppy. A month into the project, Darcie (not surprisingly) conceded to her crazy hearts desire and ended up adopting her.

Also, in 2009, Darcie collaborated with A-Channel, a local Victoria television station, to provide a series of six lessons to be broadcast locally.  The series was very well received and links to all 6 segments are available below.

Week 1 – Learning Loose Leash Walking
Week 2 – Learning the “Come” Command
Week 3 – Moving to more distracting environments
Week 4 – Road Test – Taking our leash manners to the city
Week 5 – Teaching a dog not to jump up 
Week 6 – A wrap-up and review at the park 

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